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The Pistol Range Update

The Pistol Range Update

Thank you to all of those who put time in volunteering your time to help with the project.

The pistol range has had a lot of work put into it. Yes there was a addition with the new ventilation system installed but also a complete deleading of the whole shooting area. Removal and gut of the electrical and insulation in the attic space above the range. So now we have all new insulation up there all new wiring to new located lights. The back stop and area behind the backstop was

completely redone. New spray foam insulation to the back wall to help keep the noise down. There was a few issues with the backstop so it was a very good thing that this was done. The back stop may look the same on the front side but there were a lot of volunteers who redid what needed to be done to fix and update the backstop.

We have an ongoing issue that is being addressed with the air flow across the 3 shooting lanes on the end. This is back in the hands of the engineer. In the meantime we are going to open the range limiting use to lanes 1 through 6. At some point in the near future the range may be closed for a short time for work to resolve this issue. We expect it to be minimal and during the day when the use is low.